Co., Ltd in Vietnam Romal trick consumers

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Thousands label marked "made in Germany, made in Malaysia, made in Italy" arrested.

(PLO) - South Vietnam Co. Romal bodies were discovered paste function overrides the label "made in Germany, Malaysia, Italy" on the electric stove is derived from China.

According to the management team of the 14 markets (Market Management Department Hanoi) said the plan implementation peak inspection of counterfeit, pirated goods before the Lunar New Year in 2015, has conducted testing investigation businesses kitchen equipment belonging Romal Vietnam Co., Ltd. located at street corner 61/2 Me Tri, Tu Liem Nam, Na Noi.

Here, the task force found the company is dealing in kitchen appliances such as stoves electromagnetic, infrared cooker, microwave, hood, oven ... Thousands of products are on production from China.

During inspection, market management team of 14 was caught on the premises and detain thousands of labels marked "made in Germany, made in Malaysia, made in Italy" and hundreds of products are electric stove word was labeled "made in Germany, made in Italy, made in Malaysia" on the outside to fraud brand.

In particular, many products in the shipment by the Company Romal declarations, imported through the region 3, the port of Haiphong on 15 and 16/1. Director of the company's Nguyen Thi Ninh and her husband, Nguyen Huy Tho, who participated in the operating company (with residence in Village 2, Tri Ha, Q.Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi) were police force Hanoi summoned for testimony from 22.1 days to the present.

Thanh Nien said the two men and 8 subordinates were admitted during the year 2008, the company imports goods from Romal Trading Company - import Zhongshan (Guangdong, China) on VN. Then, products are exchanged brands to sell to supermarkets, commercial centers, apartment buildings ... with a very high price difference. Profile of imported goods company Romal also showed they were imported in large quantities similar items worth hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. However, the clearance profile to declare dutiable value is very low. For example, two container imports through the port of Haiphong closest declare dutiable value of about 150 million.

According to an official of the Office of the National Steering Committee 389, from the kitchen, gas stove ... ordering from a company party Guangdong priced from 3-4 million / unit and labeled goods made in China are sketchy, not printed directly on the product. When goods arrive VN then the label is peeled off and replaced by the label of Italy, Germany ... and resale prices as up to 15 -16 million / unit. The owner of the restaurant on the label acknowledged author of the European countries are ordered at Guangdong (China) to change the origin, in order to deceive consumers.


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 The label is pasted on top of kitchen electric products originating from China.

In another development, from 22 - 24/1, several working groups of the National Steering Committee 389 went provinces and cities where the agents, business establishments Co. Romal to directly direct inspection and seizure of evidence, testimony of the stakeholders.

In Danang, authorities seized 85 products are sold in supermarkets labeling abroad. In Vietnam, the owners of the Company Ltd. Romal VN locked warehouse, fled. The competent authority has sealed warehouses to organize inspection and examination.


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Product electric stove from the company advertising on your website.

According to the understanding of PLVN, on its website, Romal Vietnam Co., Ltd Introduction: As a business with over 10 years experience in the business of the premium kitchen appliances. We are proud to be the importer and exclusive distributor of the premium kitchen appliance brand Romal in Vietnam. With rich experience so we can confirm will bring to our customers the best quality products, reasonable price, in addition to make sure customers are satisfied with the after sales service us. These products are manufactured according Romal line modern technology and strict control of product quality according to European standards. All products Gas Cooker sound from the kitchen, electric stove, kitchen composite hood deodorant, ... branded Romal 4 year warranty on all parts and genuine replacement. Use the Romal customers will always feel satisfied with what Romal gives customers.

However, the incident was detected this time, consumers should be wary of the company's products. According to Hoang Dai Nghia - Captain management market number 14, this is a fraudulent act, consumer fraud blatantly self-printed labels when big brands to paste out of inferior products volume. Shortly thereafter, management market forces detained the entire commodity signs of violation and papers relating to the investigation clarified. /.

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